Travel and Destination Weddings

I love adventure! I travel all over the UK for my couples and I will go abroad for the right wedding.

The world is your oyster. There are so many incredibly beautiful places in the world. No wonder many chose to travel to celebrate their LOVE in a stunning destination.

Some places might already be close to your heart. Perhaps a place you met during your travels and wish to go back there for your wedding. Or it might be a place you have always dreamed to go – a honeymoon location on your bucket list.

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Travelling to Destination Weddings

Travel should be well thought out and planned in advance!

By road.

Whenever possible I will reach your location by road, travelling in my home on wheels, my converted van El. My bf and I purchased and started to convert a van during the first lockdown and plan to use it while travelling and photographing weddings and couples across the UK, as part of my love and passion for adventure.

I will get to you for free if within 100km from where I live in London. An additional fee applies to destinations further afield.

By plane.
I always manage my own flights and accommodation and confirm expenses with couples prior to purchase. I aim to fly out at least 2 days before your wedding. This gives me time to scout all the locations and get familiar with the area, make sure I know my way around, and have all info needed for the wedding day. I also arrange all of my own local transport. I hire a car when needed so I’m in complete control of when and where I need to be.

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Being based in the UK gives me really good access to all of Europe. And flying from London airports when travelling abroad is normally not a problem.

Saying that, due to the uncertainty of travel due to Covid-19, 2021 is likely to see more local or UK destination weddings.

Where overseas locations would have previously been the destinations of choice, it will be incredible for couples to venture to the Scottish  Highlands and Cornish beaches to get that destination wedding feel instead.

More considered wedding planning is certainly now required to ensure up-to-date regulations are met. So if a destination wedding is on your mind for the future, then do contact me and we can start planning.

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