Inspired by the beauty of connection and love.

Capturing Moments.

I am a wedding photographer inspired by adventure travel and the beauty of connection and love.

I capture weddings, proposals and engagements, elopements, and couples photoshoots. I travel to the place that is special to you both.

I feel privileged to be able to capture the affection we share with the people we love, and be granted the trust that comes with those moments.

When you book me, you’re not just booking a photographer.

You are booking someone who is completely invested in you and your day. I love creating stunning images for you that become timeless visual recollections.

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and let’s begin the journey of capturing heart-warming images, and the love and details of your story together.

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Capturing Moments.

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    Jessica Lee
    Jessica Lee

Capturing Unique Stories.

I love capturing heart-warming, natural, emotional images, and the love and detail of  couple’s story together. 

My style is very free flowing and organic; I will gently direct at times but only to capture the natural you.

Documenting the emotions you remember and the moments you missed.

Natural and authentic for timeless recollection.

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